Chris Young Says He Is Writing as Much as Possible During Quarantine: “Same Skill Set, But a Different Way of Doing It”

Chris Young has always been a prolific songwriter—he co-penned every track on his 2017 album, Losing Sleep—and the quarantine isn’t changing that. But like many artists who have had to cancel their tours during the ongoing pandemic, Chris has had to find virtual ways to to collaborate with his songwriting buddies while at home.

During a media round robin via Zoom in July, Chris noted he’s staying busy by writing “as much as possible . . . but in a different way.”

“Just being able to sit down and write as much as possible and work on that,” said Chris. “Work on new ways of writing, especially with doing it over Zoom, and not being in the room with everybody, that is kind of a different thing entirely. [It’s] the same skill set, but a different way of doing it. And so, it enables you to not necessarily stagnate as a writer and do the same things over and over.”

Chris has shared four songs—“Raised on Country,” “Town Ain’t Big Enough,” “Drowning” and “If That Ain’t God”—from his upcoming album, Raised on Country. And wouldn’t you know it, Chris co-wrote all four of the songs.

Listen to Chris’ current single, “If That Ain’t God,” below.

photo by TCD