Garth Brooks’ “Drive-In” Concert Draws More Than 350,000 Fans at Hundreds of Venues

Garth Brooks is a seven-time CMA Entertainer of the Year for a very good reason—he loves to entertain.

Garth headlined a unique concert event on June 27 as he performed across hundreds of drive-in theaters. The concert was created exclusively for this event, making it the largest one-night show to play at outdoor theaters across the United States and Canada.

Garth’s pre-recorded concert drew more than 350,000 fans.

“Watching people all night from coast to coast, in Canada and here in the U.S., laughing, dancing and singing, made me smile,” said Garth. “It reminded me how much I miss the crazy, happy and unpredictable life we lead as entertainers. For one night, things seemed . . . right.”

photo by Curtis Hilbun,