Tenille Townes to Release Debut Album, “The Lemonade Stand,” This Spring

In the build-up to the spring release of her debut album, The Lemonade Stand, Tenille Townes will drop a new six-song EP, Road to the Lemonade Stand, on Feb. 7.

Produced by Jay Joyce, the new EP features five songs written by Tenille, including her Top 30 hit, “Somebody’s Daughter,” and current single, “Jersey On The Wall (I’m Just Asking),” as well as a rendition of Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy.”

“I wanted to put out this EP to continue to tell the story of these songs,” says Tenille. “This EP is for everyone that has been on this road with me so far . . . the ones who have shared their stories at the shows and in messages and who have given these songs a home. You have shaped me and shaped the meaning of The Lemonade Stand. I’m so excited to walk on this Road to the Lemonade Stand with you.”

Road to the Lemonade Stand

  1. “Holding Out For The One”
  2. “White Horse”
  3. “Jersey On The Wall (I’m Just Asking)”
  4. “I Kept The Roses”
  5. “Somebody’s Daughter”
  6. “Stupid Boy”