Dan + Shay on Attending Justin Bieber’s Wedding With Their Wives: “It’s a Good Thing We Already Had Our Weddings”

After teaming with Justin Bieber to record their current Top 5 single, “10,000 Hours,” Dan + Shay—and wives Abby and Hannah—were guests at Justin and Hailey Baldwin’s star-studded wedding in September.

In a sit-down interview with Kix Brooks of American Country Countdown, the duo revealed that the extravagant celebration was definitely a “good time,” but confessed that they were thankful to have already tied the knots with their respective wives—Dan to Abby Law in May 2017 and Shay to Hannah Billingsley in October 2017—because the Bieb’s wedding is one shindig you don’t want to compete with.

“That was a fun wedding, man. It was a good time,” said Dan. “We got to sing a couple of songs there, and a bunch of good people there. It’s always fun to go to a wedding, especially when it’s not yours and you don’t have the stress of having to plan it . . . Once you’ve had your wedding, you’re like, ‘Thank, God, I only had to do this once,’ and you can go enjoy it on somebody else’s dime. It was a lot of fun.”

“It’s a good thing also that we already had our weddings,” added Shay. “I feel like it’s a really dangerous thing to take your fiancée or your girlfriend to a wedding before you’ve had your wedding ’cause then they get all of these ideas. The worst wedding you could possibly [go to] is when its Justin Bieber’s wedding [laughing]. You don’t want to take ’em to that one. I felt bad for like all the single people there ’cause that was their expectation, like, ‘Oh, it’ll probably be this way,’ which, for the people that were there, it probably will be that way [laughing].”

Watch Kix’s interview with Dan + Shay below.

photo by Tammie Arroyo, AFF-USA.com