Randy Houser Talks Inspiration Behind New Album “Magnolia,” Making Music for 10 Years, His Love of Songwriting & More

Jim Casey talks with Randy Houser about:

  • releasing his debut album 10 years ago
  • making a living doing what he loves
  • the catalyst for his new album, Magnolia, which drops on Jan. 11
  • hitting the reset button and simplifying things on the new album
  • co-writing all 12 tracks on the new album with a bevy songwriters, including Dallas Davidson, Hillary Lindsey, John Osborne, Jaren Johnston and more
  • the significance of the album’s title
  • co-producing the new album with Keith Gattis
  • writing and releasing the new single, “What Whiskey Does”
  • letting his voice shine throughout the album without overproduction
  • touring the West Coast
  • visiting Australia in December to spend time with his wife’s family


  • Randy Houser
  • Jim Casey, NCD editor in chief